Chapter & verse

Welcome to Chapter & Verse. We love quality coffee: that ritual treat that picks us up and carries us through the day. But for us, coffee is more than just a daily caffeine hit: it’s a medium that excites and inspires our guests; that fosters collaboration and creativity across the working communities we serve. To this end, we hope to be a different kind of coffee business: one that’s people-centric, aspirational, and a hub and haven for our local communities.

We ’re very proud of our Chapter and Verse coffees: they’re specialty-grade and made by highly skilled baristas who are passionate about their craft. Our coffee is seasonal, and we source with transparency, working in sync with the harvest schedules of farms and co-ops around the coffee-producing world. Each Chapter and Verse barista is trained by our Regional Specialty Coffee Partners – each selected for being some of the world’s premier specialty coffeehouses & roasters. From farmer to roaster to barista, we each have different roles to play and are uniquely connected by our passion for specialty coffee.

OUR VALUES – At Chapter & Verse, our values thread throughout our business. You’ll find it in the design of our shops and products; in the training and developmental of our people; and in the way we engage with our partners and suppliers.

QUALITY – We care about quality.
Quality lies at the heart of our story. It both defines our product and inspires our people - and helps to elevate the everyday coffee from a quotidian habit to a daily treat.

LEARNING – Always learning, always sharing.
By asking questions and sharing our knowledge, we deepen the experience of everyone touched by our coffee, from our farmers through to our people and our guests.

THE CUP – Every cup is a collaboration.
There’s a rich story in every cup: a collaboration that draws on the experiences and perspectives of our farmers, our baristas and our guests.

OUR PASSION – A labour of love.
We love what we do, and we do what we love. We’re committed to working meticulously - and having fun while we do it.

The Bean

We source our beans globally and they are ranked for quality among the top 2% in the world. Few coffee businesses can make that claim.

  • Our coffees are assessed on aroma, flavor, after-taste, acidity, body, balance, and overall complexity - and each are scored against these criteria. The score that’s derived from this process is known as a “Q score” (Quality Score).
  • We only select beans with a score of 80 or higher. (Coffees with these scores are known as “specialty”.) And fresh isn’t always better: we like to rest our coffees for 7 days after roasting - and always use them within 30 days of their roast date.
The Farm

We love our coffee farmers, many of whom we’ve had years of direct relationships with which allows us to positively impact their communities and improve the quality of their coffee harvests.

  • Our beans are sourced annually from over 30 countries that produce specialty-grade coffees.
  • The seasonality of coffees allow us to buy beans that are in-season and at their best.
  • Coffee is like wine: the soil and environment in which it’s grown creates the flavors we’re looking for in the coffee.
  • Coffee farmers use their expertise to produce high quality coffee and deliver consistency with every bean we buy.
  • We have an extensive network throughout the coffee world that allows us to source coffee directly with traceability right back to the farmer, utilizing the expertise of the value chain to source coffees that are sustainable and ethical.
The Brew

Chapter & Verse coffee is brewed to precise recipes to achieve the perfect extraction.

  • Recipes are set to within half a gram of coffee and 0.1 C every day for the best espresso possible.
  • Extraction is timed to ensure the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness.
  • Batch brew is our preference (vs manual brews like pour-overs) because it allows us to control all factors to achieve gold cup standards.
The Barista

Our baristas have been exhaustively and relentlessly trained by some of the world’s best. Each barista is trained for over 40 hours before they even interact with a guest. Our baristas are the heart of our business.

Our espresso machines are made by Victoria Arduino. They sponsor the World Barista Championships – an honor that’s bestowed only on those whose equipment has passed the toughest and most rigorous independent testing in the world.

The Roast

Roasting is an integral part of the bean journey. That’s why our beans are roasted by our Regional Specialty Coffee Partners who are some of the world’s top roasters. At Chapter & Verse you’ll find your perfect roast – in every cup.

  • Coffee is roasted to develop the flavors we are looking for from coffee. Green, or unroasted, coffee has none of the flavors or aromas we associate with coffee.
  • Our Regional Specialty Coffee Partners roast coffee to highlight the flavors of the origin. They are careful not to over-roast the coffee – as this introduces ‘burnt’ flavors and rids the coffee of many of the characteristics associated with its origin.
The Cup

We are passionate behind every intricate detail of our bean’s journey - right down to the cup. When you visit Chapter & Verse, be assured that our teams are able to deliver the kind of quality coffee that lies at the heart of our brand – Chapter & Verse.

  • Our water is filtered to within 100 to 150 parts per million of total dissolved solids. This gives us optimal water for coffee brewing.
  • We filter out chlorine too, as chlorines are known to reduce the aromatics of specialty coffee.

E very Chapter and Verse is unique but we’ve designed a food menu that’s commensurate with the quality aspirations of our coffee - showcasing seasonal ingredients that are regionally and ethically sourced. Importantly, our food is “Fresh Today, Gone Today,” so our guests can be assured of the freshness. We’re very proud of the nutritional and health values and that’s why our menus also include select items that are gluten-free, dairy-free and (or!) plant-forward.

Enjoy delicious breakfast pots, warm eggs and toasties for breakfast - or flavourful frittatas, seasonal flatbreads and ciabattas for lunch. And to satisfy any sweet tooth out there, we boast a range of fresh bakery items such as freshly baked cookies, croissants, savoury muffins and loafs. And what’s not to love about fresh cold press juices and smoothies, too?

F orget about “business plans” – our business is built around “people plans”.

That’s why we’re able to recruit, train and retain some of the industry’s best baristas – people who are just as passionate about coffee as we are.